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Child Care International's projects include:


CCI builds schools in remote areas for poor children enabling them to have an education they otherwise may not receive.

A school like this can serve up to 150 children and costs around $7500 usd.



CCI provide hundreds of children with the opportunity to have an education by paying school fees, school uniforms and educational materials.


Student Accomodation Building

Many students require accommodation to complete their education. Their families are poor and live in remote locations with no High school near the village. CCI builds accommodation for the students.


Vocational Training

CCI provides machinery and materials for vocational training. This enables the youths to find employment or start a small business.

Classes include; sewing, embroidery, carpentry, painting  (art) and hairdressing.


House Building

CCI builds small houses for poor families - usually, they are single parent families who have very poor housing conditions.


Fresh-Water Wells

A simple hand operated well can cost as little as $100 usd although usually it is around $260 usd. A deeper well in a rocky location costs around $1000 usd.

The wells can provide fresh water for several families or for a whole village.


Medicine and Medical Operations

Poor children receive medicine and financial support to pay for medical operations. These children are usually from the CCI sponsorship program.


Spiritual Health

CCI is a Christian charity and provides Christian books and materials to children bringing them the good news of Jesus Christ.


Other Needs

Occasionally, CCI will provide assistance to the parents by providing equipment to start a small business or have medical aid to enable them to
return to work.


Child Care International makes every effort to pass on 100% of your donation to help poor children.

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