child sponsorship

For many children in the countryside of Southeast Asia, food is a luxury and education is an unattainable dream. With the help of generous contributions, Child Care International has sponsored hundreds of children, giving them an education - the foundation for a future.

A small regular donation can provide a child with year-round food, clothing, shelter, and pay for his or her school books and tuition.

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the children
The following are a selection of some of the children who have benefited from Child Care International's sponsorship program.


Bao's father is a farmer. His mother is a houseworker. Bao has 8 siblings.

Bao's parents have a very small income and cannot support all their children.

The family is from Lam Dong Province.


Xuan Ly

Ly's parents are divorced. Her father abandoned the family and her mother suffers from a mental illness.

Ly has two siblings.


Sa Roi

Sa Roi's parents are both dead. She has three siblings.

Sa Roi is of S' Tieng ethnicity and comes from Binh Phuoc province.

She is an orphan and now lives at the CCI center with the nuns.



Phuoc's parents are both farmers. He has been abandoned by his family.

Phuoc now lives with an Aunt in Quang Nam Province.



Tu's father is a hired worker. Her mother is a housekeeper. Tu has three siblings.

The two eldest children had to stop going to school when they finished 5th grade because of the family's financial problems. Tu's father cannot find regular employment and her mother is sick. Their house is made of mud and leaves.



Tien's parents are both farmers. She has ten siblings.

Tien's family is very poor. They live in a very remote area with no electricity. Water is collected from a stream near the house.

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